Dave Eggers, author, publisher, and educational activist discusses how he took his dream of helping disadvantaged children with reading and writing and made it into a reality.

Studies have shown that a student who receives 30-45 hours a year with 1:1 attention can get one grade level higher.  Due to large classrooms and limited resources, this is not something schools can realistically provide on their own.  After learning about the literacy rates of children in disadvantaged homes and children who speak english as a second language, Eggers and his group of publishers dedicated their afternoons to helping local children with their reading and homework.   This inspiring and humorous TED talk takes you through his journey of opening up a stigma-free tutoring center/ publishing company that supported their noble efforts to help struggling young readers through a “Buccaneers Supply Shop”. 826 Valencia in San Francisco, California sold all things Pirate.  This concept of 1:1 attention and tutoring expanded, with Superhero and Time Travel stores and free tutoring centers opening up in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and even Dublin, Ireland.

The adult publishers and children were able to work side-by-side and not only get help tutoring but share ideas, collaborate, and create in a fun learning environment.  The children wrote their own stories and learned to love reading and writing because of this 1:1 attention and “cross pollination” between young, creative minds and passionate adult writers and educators.

This heartwarming and funny TED talk ends with a call to action pleading with creative educators and volunteers to help children learn to love reading and writing.



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