Program Features


Literacy and Language Development

Two Right Feet at Rockville Public Library

Two Right Feet takes a multi-sensory approach to language and literacy. 

Each session features an age-appropriate book that is relevant to the selected educational theme. The dramatized reading is read to live music, bringing the text to life. We find reading a book to rhythmic music can increase attention span and reading retention. Throughout the book, Hannah our session leader pauses to discuss:

  • setting
  • characterization
  • character motives
  • attitudes
  • text layout
  • punctuation choice


During the lesson, the children are introduced to basic America Sign Language (ASL). Certain vocabulary words are taught in ASL, which are later used in songs, activities, or readings.

Two Right Feet uses the CCSS (Common Core State Standards) in ELA (English and Learning Arts) as a curriculum guide.

Depending on the age, grade, and class population, letters, numbers, phonemes, parts of speech, metaphors, similes, punctuation, are woven throughout the session’s activities. This also includes discussions and reviews of material.

In older populations, the children may:

  • children solve anagrams
  • collaborate in writing acrostic poems
  • engage in other creative language and writing activities


School Readiness

Speaking and Listening Standards CCSS in ELA are used to promote appropriate classroom behavior and norms such as: raising hands, not interrupting students and teachers, turn-taking, collaboration among peers and adults, speaking and communicating clearly and audibly, etc (by agreed upon rules).

Teambuilding games and activities are explored and processed, fostering positive classroom and life behavior.

Tolerance is discussed when appropriate.

Anger identification and management/ coping skills are explored.



Two Right Feet Arts uses the K-4 State Arts Standards in music and dance as a curriculum guide.


Music – Instruments

Auditory discrimination activities and games are used to identify the sounds of different percussion instruments. Band games are another highlight; children learn to mimic short musical patterns, respond to cues of conductor, and use active listening skills as they play in a band. With older groups, students take turns leading the group using different percussion instruments.


Music – Singing

During singing activities, children are encouraged to sing independently and in groups on pitch, in rhythm, and on tempo. They learn to respond to cues of session leader and musician. In time, children begin to memorize certain songs and “jump-rope-rhymes” (sing from memory). Live music is a regular feature of Two Right Feet Music, led by Garrett Demmerle, our bassist, musician, and lyricist.



Children demonstrate locomotor and non-locomotor movements for dance and creative movement activities. The students are taught basic dance steps and are asked to contribute to the dance sequence (basic choreography). Kids are given the opportunity to learn and demonstrate understanding of basic spatial concepts, accuracy in moving to a beat, and identify and demonstrate basic dynamic contrasts.