We are often asked while setting up for a program, “Why the guy with the bass?

Boost Memory and Learning with Music, an article by Cheri Lucas, discusses the importance of music in the learning process.

Time and time again, music has proven to enhance a person’s ability to learn and retain information whether it be learning the alphabet or learning about the solar system.

Music can: 

  • Motivate a child
  • Stimulate their busy minds (multi-sensory learning approach)
  • Set a positive mood (to energize or calm)
  • Boost memory and attention span inside and outside of the classroom.

For example, rhythm-rich and bass-oriented music can help a child tune into a lesson on verbs.

In the article, Chris Brewer,  author and founder of LifeSounds Educational Services shares that one of the ways to tie music to memory is to remember:

“Your child memorizes more effectively through rhythm and rhyme. Chants and raps improve memory of details and help the retrieval of information later.”

So, by all means grab a book and ‘get jiggy with it’!