We have been busy over the last few months. Many of you have seen a lot of things happening at Two Right Feet Arts. I just wanted to update everyone about what we are doing to help promote reading, literacy and language development.

Website and Blog

The website was created by our web designer, Kevin Nott. We feel he did a great job putting all of the information together and keeping our branding the way we like it. We hope to be a fun, go-to source for all of the things we care about – children’s literacy, language development, and reading. We will be writing and sharing our stories and information on the Two Right Feet Arts Blog.


We are working on an email newsletter to share information and resources. It will get emailed out on the 15th of every month, and we are looking to send out our first issue on July 15th, 2015. The first edition will have a fun look and feel, and will provide summer reading tips and resources that will help parents, teachers, and librarians. You can subscribe to the Two Right Feet Arts Newsletter here.

Two Right Feet Arts Facebook Page

Many people asked if we had a Facebook page, we do now! We will be sharing great information and resources that we find to help children learn and read. This is all in keeping with our goal to educate, engage, and entertain children. If you are interested, please like our page. Also, if we have performed for you, please feel free to give us a review on Facebook. It would be greatly appreciated. Two Right Feet Arts Facebook Page

YouTube Channel

Our Two Right Feet Arts YouTube Channel is up and running and we shared a recent video from when we were at the Stafford Springs Library. The video is an excerpt is from our squirrel program and is called “5 Little Squirrels.” It’s an interactive American Sign Language song for children. I am telling the squirrel story and Garry is playing music on the bass.

The video is below:



I am on LinkedIn and would love to connect with all of our friends who we have worked on programs with in the past. We also have a Two Right Feet Arts LinkedIn Company page to help share out some of our great resources and programs that we find. If you are looking for a late summer or fall program for your library or school, drop us a line or you can connect with me here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hannahdemmerle.

We are looking forward to being a rich source of reading and literacy for parents, teachers, and librarians, but most of all we are looking forward to helping kids read and learn!

Hannah Demmerle
Program Director